Why choose Chittick Eye Care?

You understand the importance of state-of-the-art treatment, top-quality doctors, and the ability to get beautiful frames on any budget. 

You know that Chittick Eye Care brings the highest level of technology and the biggest selection of designer eyewear even to the smallest of towns. 

You feel the care, concern, and compassion of the staff, people who know you and the town you live in. 

You know you deserve the best. 

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“Efficient, professional, personalized care. I first went to urgent care for an inflamed eyelid and was prescribed two meds. Five days later and no improvement, I called Chittick and they saw me the same day in Savoy. My eye issue was correctly diagnosed and treated, and my eye is on the mend. Since this was a medical visit (not for new glasses,) they were able to bill my health insurance. My co-pay was less $ than those two wasted prescriptions. Note to self: I’ll call Chittick’s first the next time I have an eye problem. Thank you for excellent care.”

Jama L.

Eye Health Awareness

Keep your eyes in tiptop shape.

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