Why choose Chittick Eye Care?

You understand the importance of state-of-the-art treatment, top-quality doctors, and the ability to get beautiful frames on any budget. 

You know that Chittick Eye Care brings the highest level of technology and the biggest selection of designer eyewear even to the smallest of towns. 

You feel the care, concern, and compassion of the staff, people who know you and the town you live in. 

You know you deserve the best. 

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Thumbs up and stars

“I had a super visit. All the personnel were friendly and seemed to be very aware of my surgery, etc. I had almost the same team in pre-op and got to know the surgery team this time. Everyone made sure I was comfortable and safe. Dr. Solá is great in my book as he explains and talks to you and not at you. As a retired teacher, I give you an A+!”


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